Paranormal Investigation Team

Territorial Courthouse, Bellingham, WA

The courthouse  building began as a store, bank and warehouse to serve the need of a Town that was a gateway to the Fraser River Gold Rush in 1858. It was the first brick building north of San Francisco., built for a cost of $8,000. The building has served  as a courthouse/jail, a meeting hall for the GAR,  United American Mechanics,  a church, a taxidermy shop, an Outdoor equipment firm and a Custom Furniture Shop.

 When a section of Bellingham Bay was fill ed in for the creation of E Street, the original ground floor became the basement  and the second story became the fist floor which required turning a window into the entrance door.

 Currently the Building is under the Guardianship of the Historical Society who are working to preserve this one of a kind piece of Bellingham past.


BOOO has investigated the building twice, the most recent with members of KAFE radio staff on October___, 2014.