Paranormal Investigation Team

                Fort Flagler Park- Tours & Investigation - 10/25-26/14

 Fort Flagler State Park

WWI Hospital Building 



Anthony Tucker, Casey Douma, Darla Tucker, Elena Stecca and Justin Keefe 

Equipment Used:

Digital voice recorders, digital cameras, infrared cameras, IR GoPro, K2 meters, temperature gage, thermal camera, Big Ear, Spirit Box, and more

EVPs Captured:

EVP #1 - captured by Elena

Elena was walking down the stairs between the third and second floors when she heard a woman call out her name.  Justin, who was in the kitchen area below the stairs, also heard the woman say "Elena". The only other female investigator that was present has a deeper voice and did not say anything at the time.

Can you hear the high pitched voice? Flagler D1457 Sunday, woman.wav(long clip) short clip.wav(short clip)

 EVP #2 - captured by Casey

All investigators were in what we called the wheelchair room, which was adjacent to the surgical room.  It was just past midnight and we were settling in the room and getting ready to do a recording session.  There is a strange male whisper that can be heard over our voices.  We believe it is either saying "Gina" or even "Sheena". 

What do you think is being said? or She knows.wav(long clip) Clip Sheena or Gina.wav

(short clip)

EVP #3 captured by Darla/Tony

The first tour group of the night may captured a "no" to one of their questions. long clip 141025_002_EVP1 Morgue first tour.wav short clip.wav

EVP #4 long clip 141025_003_EVP2 3rd floor first tour.wav