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BigFoot/Sasquatch  in Whatcom County

Whatcom County is a hotbed for reported Sasquatch sightings, especially in the rural areas such as the Lummi Indian Reservation. I   know the existence of the  creature is real. I too to have seen the Creature known as Sasquatch. Up here in Whatcom Co. Sasquatch is a protected species. We know they exist and we take our Sasquatches seriously. I relize this is starting to sound like a chapter on Red Neck Off Road Aventures, but BigFoot is all too real to our team. I believe our county hosts one of the largest populations of BigFoot. Since starting to do research with a member of the BFRO I've started looking at them as tree apes.  However with the most recent research of  Melba Ketchum on Coast to Coast, I have started viewing them as humanoid, a closer relative of ours than before.  She talks about her DNA research that she is planning on releasing soon that proves Sasquatch is of human origin.   

When I first moved to the land time forgot, I didn't realize the Big Guy or Gal was alive and well so close to civilization.   I began working on the Lummi Reservation in 2001.  I really didn't have any opinion regarding the existence of bigfoot until one day I walked out of my office late on a summer evening.  It wasn't quite dark yet, I sensed something with out hearing any noise. As I looked up, there in the tree line that surrounds our medical clinic, I saw a face looking back at me. As our eyes met, my mind tried to make out what I was seeing.  It only registered as a wild creature to me.  All my years growing up and taking care of big dogs told me to not stare it down.  Don't show an aggressive manor so I instinctively dropped my head hoping whatever was watching would not come nearer to hurt me.  I was struck with walking terror.  I was able to keep moving to my truck and get in.  As I opened the door of my vehicle I looked up again and it was out of sight.  Once seeing something I  could not understand, my world changed.  What ever it was, stood tall erect more human.  I didn't believe it was a bear. 

Around a week passed and I was walking again out of my office with a teenager.  As we headed to our  company van, I experienced that same feeling again while I walked looking down with my hands in my pocket searching for the vans keys. The young man I was walking with said, "I hate it when that happens!" I of course said, "what do you hate?" He answered me with "you won't believe me if I tell you!" By this time I believe the creature had moved out of sight, ducking out of the line of our vision, and I gave the young man one of my quick comeback remarks like "try me, I just might believe you!!!" "Well I saw a Big Foot!" I somehow knew when he first spoke up, it"s as if I felt it's spirit also. With out my looking up I knew we had been visited.    

After my experiences during that couple of weeks, my understanding on the subject of bigfoot has changed tremendously.  I listen and hear out anyone who has a reported experience with an open mind.  I hear reports of bigfoot running along side the runways as planes are taxiing down for take off from the  Bellingham International Airport.   I have heard while standing in a friends kitchen near the Bellingham Technical College a yell like none other that I have been witness to.  I believe it was Sasquatch.  It sounded blocks away but from a powerful chest.  First I starting overhearing conversations on the subject while setting quietly listening to the locals as they spoke to each other of sightings. When I'd speak up to add to the conversation or ask a question they'd stop talking about the subject, as if giving me the message, I don't have a place in this conversation. As time passed, I must have proven myself to the people, seasoned myself to the Greater Northwest, because they started including me into their discussions on the topic. Then someone brought to my attention that the Kenny Cooper report was one of the first documented cases of sightings of the Creature here in Whatcom County. I started digging and researching and found so many first hand accounts that I believe I can not ignore this topic and need to include Sasquatch in my pages on the subject of the paranormal. With many new TV series on this subject  it's time for us to talk BigFoot. I'm starting to get emails describing locals personal experiences. I've collected hundreds of reports from individuals that believe they have seen BigFoot. Here is the local account I was talking about:

The news busted open after a sighting on November 13, 1975: Lummi Police Officer Kenny Cooper stepped forward to announce his report of having witnessed Sasquatch himself. Police Sgt. Cooper was a Lummi Nation Police Officer whom later became best known by his Indian name of Cha-das-ska-dum, a very well known Spiritual Leader among the Co-Salish People. The Lummi Reservation is located seven miles west of Bellingham. In 1975, these reports included sightings by a total of three members of the police force including Sgt. Cooper. At the time of his experience, he said that the federally operated police force had been swamped by reported sightings. Cooper stated he once was able to watch the creature "for a long time" from a distance of about 35 feet. Cooper described it as being covered with black hair and very muscular, standing about 7 1/2 feet tall. "It was nothing like I've seen before." He also said several of the officers were able to train spotlights on the creature for some time. It loped alongside his car, which was traveling about 10 miles an hour. Cooper also stated that he recorded the being's yell once. He described it as "very powerful" and high pitched.

Similar reports continue coming into the Lummi Police Office. Recently as I spoke to one of the Lummi Police Officers, whom will remain anonymous, he said they are still receiving reports along many of the less traveled roads of a large unknown creature people believe to be BigFoot.

One important writing on the subject of Sasquatch was made by our countries biggest game hunter, Teddy Roosevelt. In his book "Wilderness Hunter" Theodore writes about a hair-raising encounter involving two men that were trapping, one of them named Baumann. "At midnight Baumann was awakened by some noise and sat up on his blankets. As he did so his nostrils were struck by a strong wild-beast odor and he caught the loom of a great body in the darkness at the mouth of the lean-to." He went on to described that Baumann had fired at the beast, "he must have missed, for immediately after wards he heard the smashing of the under-wood as the thing, whatever it was, rushed off into the impenetrable blackness of the forest and night. Frightened by their experience the two men built the camp fire up high and slept close in the glow and safety of the fire light for the rest of the night. In the morning the men decided to go on about their chores, Baumann checking his trap line while the other stayed behind in the camp to pack. On Baumann's return he found the lifeless body of his partner still warm, but his neck was broken, and four teeth marks were in his throat. Roosevelt added that "the footprints of the unknown beast, printed deep in the soft soil, told the whole story." It had not eaten the body but apparently had romped and gamboled around it in uncouth and ferocious glee, occasionally rolling it over and over and had then fled back into the soundless depths of the woods." This account surely not describing the Hairy that became so famous and lovable that stayed with t he Henderson's. Long before the white European settlers arrived, Indian methodically talked about a big hairy man like beast that lived since before the legends began. This same creature could be the same our scientists call BigFoot. There have been so many sighting of a huge hairy ape man known as Sasquatch from the northern lands of Canada down through Washington State and Oregon. In the south such as the swamps of Florida the creature is known as the Skunk-Ape. 


So now for argument sake I want to tell you what I have come to know. Working with wild life out at Sardis Wild Life in Custer, I come to learn that creatures such as wolves have endured being nearly hunted to extinction because of their fear of people. Does instinct tell them to stay invisible. I believe so. And if this is true, could this explain how there maybe the existence of a Sasquatch? Then if indeed they do exist why haven't we seen proof! If hunters went out actually to corner and kill a Sasquatch, I believe we would see one eventually. But isn't it wonderful that hunters are not lusting to kill, just to prove a point!There are thousands of reports, and all too many sightings to discount the existence of the big guy. We've all heard them, seen researchers interview witness' and now it's time we can make up our own minds. I know they exist. To you that are reading this page, I want to strongly express that if just one of these reports are true then there is the existance of Sasquatch!!!

Lummi Reservation Sasquatch yell recorded by Frank Goesbehind

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